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Making a difference

As the volunteer Secretary and Communications Coordinator of BirdLife Northern Queensland for the past 8 years I have been responsible for managing the branch brand in line with BirdLife Australia's corporate identity, vision and mission. Day-to-day marketing and communications activities are designed to promote our projects, programs, and activities throughout Far North Queensland with the aim of raising public awareness, increasing supporter engagement, and contributing to our knowledge and conservation of birds through citizen science. In the role I have modernised all aspects of our communications and deliver:

Website design and development

Email marketing

Marketing collateral

Social media

Event banners

Branded promotional items

Volunteer uniforms

Branch stationery

Graphic design

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BirdLife Northern Queensland is one of the largest BirdLife Australia branches, encompassing the Torres Strait, Cape York, eastern Gulf Country, north-eastern arid interior, and the Wet Tropics. With such a diverse variety of habitats, the area has the largest avifauna of any region in Australia, with over 630 species recorded. The region is a hotspot for biodiversity but many species are at risk. Threats including climate change, habitat loss and degradation, invasive plants and pest animals, are having adverse impacts on our bird life. Unless urgent action is taken, we risk losing them forever. 

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Australia's voice for birds since 1901

The BirdLife Australia brand is trusted and respected. It is one of the organisations most valuable assets and must be managed with the utmost care and consistency. As one of over 30 branches around Australia, BirdLife Northern Queensland consistently leads the way and sets the benchmark in application of the BirdLife brand nationally. 

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